Specialists in Psychological Healthcare

Psychological Assessment and Treatment Services throughout the UK

About Us

PLE Health is part of the PLE Group which includes Psycholegal  Experts Limited. The group was established by Dr Alison Hoskins, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, in 1999. Since then our network of Psychologists and therapists has expanded across the country and now provides a comprehensive range of psychological assessments and treatment services.

PLE Health provides the service to the legal sector for personal injury claims,  healthcare insurance companies for their members and employers for their employees.

Our clinicians are either HCPC registered Psychologists (Clinical/Counselling/Occupational) or BABCP accredited Cognitive-behavioural therapists.

We have specialists in a comprehensive range of psychological assessments for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Eye Movement and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR), Neurorehabilitation and Psycho-sexual Therapy.

Our Occupational Psychologists are able to offer workplace screening for mental health related issues in the workplace as well as providing preventative strategies and individually tailored treatments. Group sessions of Stress Management, Assertiveness Training and Mindfulness also available.

PLE Health is fully GDPR compliant, ICO registered and adheres to our IT Security Policy.

“I would like to state how extremely thankful and grateful I am. As quite a strong willed individual, I genuinely did not think these sessions would have had such a positive impact on my life. Mr W with his professional, kind, emphatic nature has improved my outlook on life, reduced my levels of anxiety and enabled me to have a positive outlook to the future. I would greatly recommend him to any other patients/clients.”

What we Do

Treatment Assessment

Treatment assessments can be arranged, and a brief report written when appropriate. This will detail the number and type of treatment sessions required and likely outcome. This may help to inform decisions on treatment.

We can also provide workplace assessments, offer guidance on staying well, make recommendations for the workforce and identify any vulnerable individuals.


We offer a comprehensive range of psychological treatments for mental health conditions including CBT, EMDR, Neuro-rehabilitation and Psycho-sexual therapy. The selection of the most appropriate psychologist or therapist to deliver treatment is made according to the needs identified from the referral information.

We also offer a range of workplace interventions such as stress management as a preventative strategy or for employees suffering from a range of psychological difficulties.

Working Together

We are able to provide liaison, updates and reports to other health professionals, Case Managers or employees where this is helpful. We recognise that confidentiality is important for some of our occupational health work and we can provide a service in this way where appropriate.


Treatments tailored to our clients

Our most common referrals are for anxiety and depression which can present in many forms. However, we also see many clients who are suffering as a result of pain, head injury, relationship issues, bereavement issues and other traumatic events. We aim to match the most appropriate clinician to a person’s presenting needs.

Join Our Panel

Would you like to join our panel of psychological therapists?  We are presently recruiting therapists who meet our high standards and are appropriately accredited in their profession whether they be Psychologists, Cognitive Behavioural Therapists, Psychotherapists, Playtherapists, Art Therapists, Music Therapists or Family Therapists ( this list is not exhaustive).


We always value the positive and supportive feedback we receive from our clinicians, referrers and clients.

"We use PLE for all our rehabilitation because they are reliable and provide consistently high standards of service across the country."
J. W.
"I wanted to give some feedback on your online system: it's fantastic! I work with various referrers and your system seems to be best accessible and very easy to use. I also love how secure everything is. Thank you for making our life easier also, having somewhere to go to for everything is great in terms of admin time for us clinicians. "
"Words can't describe my gratitude for what you have done for me. My recovery journey has been a difficult one at times... I truly didn't realise the impact it had on myself until now. That's because I am back to the 'before' me. I still can't believe the difference the treatment is amazing and so are you"